Thompson Woodworks

My Name is TJ 

Thompson Woodworks is the creation of TJ Thompson. I have been making things my whole life, things of all forms and functions, but the material I find myself most at home with always seems to be wood.


Style & Quality

I believe in a simple, honest approach to design where aesthetics and utility are intrinsic. There is a distinct and individual quality in well made, slow made, and hand made things which begins with the story of their making and continues on with each use.  
The pieces you'll find here are intended to be more than just utensils, they should mellow with age and make the otherwise mundane tasks of cutting handsome & homely.

100% Handmade

I find there is an inherent comfort and pride that comes from making things, but also in living with objects which have been made with care and time. When I use a handmade cutting board I like to think of the wood as it was being cut, I imagine the maker, the workshop, the board taking shape.  When I use a plastic cutting board I think of nothing.

We owe a lot to mass production, but machine made things are children of the brain, while hand made things are children of the heart. Assembly lines bring cheaper, more consistent and quicker results, but there is beauty which can only be achieved through making each piece one at a time. 

“We often miss opportunity because it’s dressed in overalls and looks like work
— Thomas A Edison