Thompson Woodworks

Wood Care

I make my products carefully and with consideration from the best materials obtainable in the hope that they may last at least a lifetime, and if looked after they have the potential to last many. Please follow these instructions to maintain your Thompson Woodworks goods. Feel free to get in touch should you ever need advice.


Wood is a hardy and resilient material but will require a little care if you want it to continue to look its best. 

  • Cleaning wood is easy and quick, just hand wash after use with warm soapy water and rinse off. Unlike metal or plastic most wood is naturally antibacterial and after being given a light wash will neutralize 99.9% of any remaining bacteria after 24 hours.
  • Avoid leaving wood items to soak or washing them with a dishwasher, this will damage your product.
  • After washing your cutting board stand it up on edge to allow it to completely dry.
  • Your Thompson Woodworks cutting board has been treated with a handmade salve which comprises of organic beeswax and mineral oil. Wood will eventually start to dry out and lose some of its water repellant property, so just occasionally rub in a little food safe mineral oil to top up this protective barrier. Mineral oil can be found at your local grocery store or pharmacy.
  • If you find after prolonged use the surface of your wooden product feels less smooth than when you first began using it this is because fibers of the wood have become damaged or raised slightly, this happens mostly due to repeated contact with knives. The fibers can be removed easily by giving the surface a very light rub with a fine sandpaper (between 320 and 400 grit) and reapplying oil, this will bring back the silky-smooth finish your product had when you bought it.
  • The beauty of a wooden cutting board by Thompson Woodworks is that each nick represents a memory of a family meal or holiday celebration. Overtime they develop a unique character.